Creating the
future we want.

In our rapidly changing world, economic, social and technological changes are affecting sectors and regions across Canada. The Transition Accelerator is a pan-Canadian charity that works with groups across the country to direct these disruptions to solve business and social challenges while building viable transition pathways to a net zero future. Our current priorities are Canada’s hydrogen economy, electric vehicle market penetration, building decarbonization and electrification, and grid integration.

Canada needs a new approach to empower innovators, improve policy, and shift debate around climate change in a more constructive direction. This is it.

Halocarbon Management in Quebec

Halocarbon Management in Quebec

Halocarbons are gases mostly used as refrigerants in heat transfer systems, for cooling in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, and for heating in heat pumps.

“Above all else, The Transition Accelerator brings a positive perspective to discussions that, for far too long, have been negative. By identifying a shared vision for the future, and creating pathways grounded in rigorous analyses that can take us there, we can make disruption work for us.”