Electrifying Canada

Who We Are

Electrifying Canada is a multi-year initiative of the Transition Accelerator. Our mission is to accelerate Canada’s transition to a future energy system where net-zero electricity meets a much higher percentage of Canada’s total energy needs in 2050 than it does today.

What We Do:

  • Sustained Collaboration. Coordinating, convening, and facilitating national and regional dialogues over a multi-year initiative among a diverse group of power producers, regulators, system operators, industry, organized labour, Indigenous organizations, financial institutions, and civil society to share knowledge and perspectives on challenges and solutions.
  • Analysis & Insights. Producing qualitative and quantitative analysis to advance net-zero electricity system pathways to meet the needs of end-use electrification.
  • Policy Engagement. Developing policy frameworks informed by stakeholder input and research and analysis and sharing them with key policy and decisionmakers to provide them with potential solutions that can be considered to address key barriers to accelerated electrification and the buildout of the net-zero electricity system.


Become a Partner

We invite forward-thinking organizations to join Electrifying Canada as partners. Partners in Electrifying Canada play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of Canada’s energy future. As a partner, you will:

  • Engage in critical conversations influencing our research and strategies.
  • Gain visibility and recognition across our network and communications.
  • Contribute to and benefit from shared knowledge and collaborative efforts.

Your organization’s expertise and vision can significantly contribute to our collective mission. To explore partnership opportunities, please reach out.


At Electrifying Canada, we’re building tools to empower decisionmakers, guide industry stakeholders, and inform the public about Canada’s energy future.

[Coming Soon] Future Electricity System Pathways Data Dashboard

Stay tuned for our comprehensive data dashboard, providing in-depth analysis and insights into Canada’s future electricity systems.

[Coming Soon] Real-World Overlay Framework

Stay tuned for our upcoming tool that will translate our research and analysis into practical, real-world applications.

Research & Analysis
Public Outreach
Developing Policy Frameworks
Enabling Collaboration

Join the movement to speed up Canada’s electrification journey.

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Electrifying Canada Leadership

Bruce Lourie


Bruce is president of the Ivey Foundation, an Adjunct Professor at the School of Policy Studies, Queen’s University, and a Board director of several organizations including the new Canadian Institute for Clean Growth and Climate Change. He is a former Director of the Independent Electricity System Operator, the Ontario Power Authority, the Ontario Trillium Foundation and many others. He is a founding Advisory Board member of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, an Advisory Board member of the Canadian Energy Research Institute and visiting faculty at the University of Oxford Social Finance Programme.

Bruce is well known for his work in convening collaborative efforts among businesses, NGOs and government. He played a pioneering role in connecting environmental issues to human health, most notably with his leadership in the phase-out of coal-fired power plants in Ontario, the single largest climate action in North America. And also as the co-author of two best-selling books, including the internationally acclaimed Slow Death by Rubber Duck. He is the founder of Summerhill Group, one of Canada’s leading energy efficiency consultancies.


Moe Kabbara

Vice President

Moe Kabbara is an experienced energy and climate professional with close to a decade of experience working at the intersection of technology, policy, and markets. Moe brings expertise in the areas of transportation electrification, renewable energy, energy storage, and energy efficiency. He is also a sought-after voice on zero-emission vehicle supply chain issues and has spearheaded the establishment of Accelerate, Canada’s zero-emission vehicle supply chain alliance, bringing together private and public sector players to leverage Canada’s opportunity in global ZEV manufacturing.

Prior to joining the Accelerator, Moe was a Managing Consultant at Dunsky Energy + Climate. He was also a Senior Investment Officer at the Department of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada. Moe also was the co-founder and CEO of a thermal energy storage start-up in Atlantic Canada.


Nick Martin

Director of Electrification

With nearly a decade of experience in climate and energy policy, Nick has supported governments, utilities, and industry stakeholders in their transition to a clean energy future across Canada and the United States. His work has included assessing the market potential for clean and emerging solutions such as electric mobility, renewable energy, and building electrification; assessing the barriers and opportunities for improving grid integration; and developing government policies and corporate strategies to support clean energy.

Prior to joining Transition Accelerator, Nick was a Senior Consultant at Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors. He’s also held roles at the Calgary-based Canada West Foundation and the New York-based Pace Energy and Climate Center. He also served as Executive Director of the Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative. Nick holds a master’s degree in Climate Science and Policy from the Bard Center for Environmental Policy.