Regional Pathways

Recognizing the unique needs of Canada’s culturally and geographically diverse landscape.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to decarbonizing the Canadian economy. That should come as no surprise: As the world’s second-largest country, Canada contains regions with vastly different geographies, geologies, climates, resources, and cultures. The emissions reduction and economic potential of net-zero pathways will vary by region, and a pathway that is impractical in one part of the country might provide a promising economic opportunity somewhere else. Understanding those differences is essential to the net-zero transition.

Building from the foundation of our Pathways assessment tool, we’re working with regional stakeholders from industry, civil society, and government to map out the pathways that make sense for each jurisdiction. With that knowledge, we’ll help policymakers strike a balance between distinct approaches and national collaboration, sharing lessons and suggesting best practices while respecting the need for unique approaches. After all, we know Canadians are working together towards the same destination—but that doesn’t mean we will all follow the same path to get there.

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