The Mass Timber Roadmap

An Integrated Forest-to-Buildings Value Chain
June, 2024

After more than a decade of hard work to unlock and demonstrate the potential for mass timber in Canada, the industry is ready to scale. Canada has excellent wood resources and expertise all along the supply chain. Demand for mass timber beams, panels, and buildings is strong and growing. The industry is advancing rapidly, but there is work to do to realize this opportunity of increasing manufacturing value-added products to the forest sector.

Canada has a significant opportunity to scale the mass timber sector in response to significant market demand, both domestically and internationally. This will generate regional economic development opportunities, including skilled jobs. Mass timber can also play a major role in addressing Canada’s housing shortfall, combining faster and less costly construction with reduced carbon footprints, lasting through the coming decades. Seizing this opportunity requires an intentional and concentrated effort now of businesses and other actors throughout the ecosystem.

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Cite as: Allan B. and Eaton, D. (2024). The Mass Timber Roadmap: An Integrated Forest-to-Buildings Value Chain. The Transition Accelerator.