Advancing Clean Fuels in Heavy Trucking

A course designed for transportation managers looking to understand electrification and clean fuel pathways for heavy trucking fleets.

Live online course with leading experts
Three hour, single-day course
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About this Course

Heavy-duty freight is the backbone of Canada’s economy, but a dependence on burning diesel, gasoline and natural gas threatens Canada’s climate and our ability to stay competitive in a fast-moving clean transportation sector.

Electrified transportation and clean fuels have been identified as essential components of Canada’s net-zero transition—but what does this mean? This course is designed specifically for transportation managers looking to understand electrification and clean fuel pathways for heavy trucking fleets.

Together, we’ll explore:

  • How transportation professionals can make informed decisions on viable clean fuel pathways ahead of potential zero-emission regulations in Canada
  • The economic trends, advantages, and disruptive forces facing hydrogen, electricity and other clean fuel sources
  • The role of hydrogen in heavy-duty transportation, and what changes in deployment could mean for the transportation sector


This online course is designed to answer these and many other key questions, arming decision-makers with the information necessary to craft workable business recommendations and clean fuel transition plans. Participants will deepen their knowledge of hydrogen, biofuels, and other clean fuel sources, learn about industry trends and challenges, and start to build a business case for clean fuels.

Deepen your understanding of clean transportation fuel technologies and their role in helping drive Canada’s transportation sector to net-zero emissions
Understand the trends, economic and climate advantages, incentives, and disruptive forces facing the development and deployment of clean fuels
Comprehend the business case for clean fuels with a focus on specific sectoral challenges and incentives

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Mark Lea-Wilson, P. Eng., MBA, CEM

Senior Advisor

Mark Lea-Wilson is a mechanical engineer with an MBA that focused on economics, finance, and technology commercialization. He has 19 years of experience in the energy industry working in innovation, product development, manufacturing, and business management. His passion for energy and energy systems led him to recently earn a Certified Energy Manager certificate as well. He likes to connect information at system and sub-system levels, and understand how the small details affect the overall ecosystem, and vice versa. This helps formulate effective strategies and business systems.

The engineering and product design background of his early career also helped him understand physical systems at macro and microlevels. He values curiosity, discovery, collaboration, science, respect and integrity. His last role as Innovation Director and shareholder of a private manufacturing company involved blending the latest academic and business principles to identify and execute innovative business plans. It was a combination of formal training, project work, and networking that culminated in new product lines, partnerships, and an industry collaboration project aimed at commercializing innovations. It helped him understand the nuanced path that needs to be navigated to bring new ideas to light. Prior to that he was VP of Operations, overseeing manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, and assembly activities. Rooted in Lean manufacturing and process-thinking, the role taught him how a successful team needs to rely on each member.



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