About Us

The Transition Accelerator (The Accelerator) is a pan-Canadian charity that creates positive, transformational system changes that solve societal challenges while moving Canada down viable pathways to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

To achieve this, The Accelerator harnesses existing economic, social and technological disruptions already affecting multiple sectors and regions. Using momentum already underway, it acts as a catalyst and convenes innovators, progressive industry, researchers and other key groups into collaborative teams that advance Canada down credible, compelling and capable pathways to a stronger, net-zero future. Read The Transition Accelerator: Building Pathways to a Sustainable Future report here.

Define the positive net-zero future we want to realize.

Create credible, capable and compelling pathways to this future.

Launch self-sustaining, industry-driven coalitions to advance down these pathways to net-zero.

Core Supporters

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“Transitions are as much about people and behaviour as they are about technology and economics. The Transition Accelerator understands these dynamics extremely well and has a well thought out philosophy, focus and methodology that allow it to be very successful. We focus on systems, not technologies.”