Securing a
sustainable future.

In a world of rapid disruption, we have an unparalleled opportunity to use ongoing technological, business and social changes to secure a more sustainable future. The Transition Accelerator capitalizes on this opportunity by working with others to harness and direct disruptions in ways that address social and business challenges while building emissions reduction into the solutions.

Together, we use the Accelerator’s unique methodology to:

Define the positive futures we want to realize.

Create credible, capable and compelling pathways to these futures.

Launch self-sustaining, industry-driven coalitions to advance down these pathways.

The Accelerator doesn’t adhere to historical practices and conventions. We offer a new way of thinking that creates transformative systems change and play a catalytic role in accelerating our transition to a low carbon future.

Partners & Supporters

“Transitions are as much about people and behaviour as they are about technology and economics. The Transition Accelerator understands these dynamics extremely well and has a well thought out philosophy, focus and methodology that allow it to be very successful. We focus on systems, not technologies.”