Future Economy

Making sure Canada wins in a net-zero world.

The global economy is undergoing a transformation. As the world moves to net-zero emissions, industries based on clean energy and the processing of renewable and mineral resources into advanced chemicals, materials and products are emerging as key sources of prosperity. To position itself for the future economy, Canada needs to understand the forces shaping these emerging and innovative value chains, and how we can capitalize on our economic and resource strengths to ensure lasting competitive advantage.

By combining leading-edge techno-economic analysis with strategic insights, international best practices, and a deep understanding of systems change, the Transition Accelerator aims to identify and promote the policies, investments, and tools that will secure Canada’s standing in the future economy. In collaboration with all sectors of the economy from industry, governments, and indigenous people to labour, academia, finance, and civil society, we’re developing the pathways that will lead to good jobs and strong value chains with promising export opportunities from coast to coast to coast.

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