Technical Brief: The Techno-Economics of Hydrogen Pipelines

Volume 1 – Issue 2

November 2021

By Mohd Adnan Khan, Ph.D, Cameron Young, MSc, and David B. Layzell, Ph.D, FRSC

The purpose of this ‘technical brief’ is to describe how to carry out techno-economic analyses for pure hydrogen pipelines, including their sizing, operating and cost estimating. The primary focus of this work is on the design and costing of pipelines transporting large volumes of hydrogen across large distances. However, the principles discussed here can be used to explore the cost of smaller, shorter pipelines to serve applications such as a fueling station or the blending of hydrogen into natural gas distribution systems.

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Khan, M.A., Young, C. and Layzell, D.B. (2021). The Techno-Economics of Hydrogen Pipelines. Transition Accelerator Technical
Briefs Vol. 1, Issue 2, Pg. 1-40. ISSN 2564-1379.

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