Towards Net-Zero Energy Systems In Canada: A Key Role For Hydrogen

Volume 2, Issue 3
September, 2020
By David Layzell, Jonathan Leary, Jessica Lof, Song Sit, Cameron Young

This white paper was prepared by The Transition Accelerator to provide techno-economic and environmental details, as well as a pan-Canadian perspective for the work of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Hydrogen Task Force in assessing the ability of the Alberta Industrial Heartland region to contribute to the transition to a net-zero energy future. The Task Force report (to be released in Fall 2020) and this study are provided to inform decision makers in industry and government regarding the nature of a future, net-zero energy system and the important role for hydrogen in the energy transition.

About the Authors

Cite as: Layzell DB, Young C, Lof J, Leary J and Sit S. 2020. Towards Net-Zero Energy Systems in Canada: A Key Role for Hydrogen. Transition Accelerator Reports: Vol 2, Issue 3.