The Case for Building Electrification in Canada

The clock is ticking; we must act now to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from Canada’s buildings and the systems that support them. With this impetus, it’s more important than ever for stakeholders to have clear and reliable information on the most effective pathways to decarbonizing our buildings. As governments, industry, and consumers seek to navigate the complex landscape of building decarbonization, the Building Decarbonization Alliance (BDA) has emerged as a coalition of stakeholders committed to promoting electrification as a practical and viable solution.

In this position paper, the BDA provides a case for electrification to achieve net zero and highlights some key challenges we need to overcome to make it happen.

About the Authors

Mathieu Poirier

Director of Policy – Building Decarbonization Alliance

Matt prides himself on translating research findings into actionable solutions that support the clean energy transition. He brings over 10 years of experience working with governments, utilities, and industry to decarbonize the built environment. Before this role, Matt held consulting roles at Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors and Deloitte and worked in industry and non-profit organizations focusing on green building design and legal analysis. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering and psychology from the University of Waterloo, in law, with specializations in environmental and business law, from Dalhousie University, and he also holds an MBA from Saint Mary’s University.


Claire Cameron

Director of Regional Pathways

Claire has worked extensively with utilities, government, and industry to understand and address complex technical and policy questions related to the clean energy transition. In particular, Claire has focused her work on sustainable transportation, building decarbonization, and demand-side management. Known for her personable approach and attention to detail, Claire is focused on building productive relationships that will accelerate our progress towards net zero. Before joining The Transition Accelerator, Claire was a Senior Consultant at Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors. She has previously held roles at Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.