Building Heating Decarbonization—Jurisdictional Scan

January, 2024

What’s currently being done to encourage building electrification? This report from the Building Decarbonization Alliance provides an in-depth look at how governments across Canada and the globe are using policy to transition building heating away from fossil fuels.
This short report offers valuable insights into the range of strategies being employed at municipal, provincial, and federal levels, and includes comparative perspectives from the USA and Europe. The scan highlights that multiple solutions exist to reduce reliance on fossil fuel heating within buildings, each with their own pros and cons

About the Authors

Aurélie Vérin

Aurélie Vérin

Senior Policy Analyst - Building Decarbonization Alliance

Aurélie is a Senior Policy Analyst with the Transition Accelerator, at the Building Decarbonization Alliance. She has held technical and expert advisor roles, managing and implementing numerous projects related to energy transition and decarbonization in the built environment, with governments, utilities and businesses.

Before joining the Transition Accelerator, Aurélie was a Senior Consultant at Econoler. She also worked for energy and services providers focusing on demand side management and on the development of commercial strategies and service offerings related to energy efficiency.
Aurélie holds a Bachelor of Science in agro-environmental engineering from ISA Lille, as well as a master’s degree in urban environmental management from Wageningen University.


Mathieu Poirier

Director of Policy – Building Decarbonization Alliance

Matt prides himself on translating research findings into actionable solutions that support the clean energy transition. He brings over 10 years of experience working with governments, utilities, and industry to decarbonize the built environment. Before this role, Matt held consulting roles at Dunsky Energy + Climate Advisors and Deloitte and worked in industry and non-profit organizations focusing on green building design and legal analysis. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering and psychology from the University of Waterloo, in law, with specializations in environmental and business law, from Dalhousie University, and he also holds an MBA from Saint Mary’s University.


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