New Initiative to Support a Robust National ZEV Supply Chain

Montreal, QC – The Transition Accelerator and Electric Mobility Canada (supported by Dunsky Energy Consulting) are pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative aimed at building a robust, cross-Canada Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) industry supply chain. Focused on ensuring Canada positions itself for the rapid transition to ZEVs currently underway, the initiative will seek to bring together key players across the country, from mining to mobility, from R&D to commercialization, from assembly to infrastructure, and from B.C. to Nova Scotia.

“The initiative’s goal is to better understand the industry’s evolving landscape, identify Canadian strengths and gaps, and develop an action plan to support the formation of a Canadian ZEV Industry Coalition,” states Daniel Breton, President & CEO of Electric Mobility Canada. “The findings and outcomes of this project will help better support the evolution of a sustainable and robust ZEV supply chain, and leverage Canadian expertise and leadership.”

“Canada has a unique opportunity to take advantage of the rapid market transition toward ZEVs. We are the only country in the western hemisphere with the full package: economic reserves of all the key minerals for battery production coupled with highly-skilled labour; a well-oiled automotive industry including multi-class vehicle manufacturing and parts; and a low-carbon grid to power it all. Canada can leverage these unique strengths to position itself in the global ZEV market through convening industry, government, researchers, trade associations, and NGOs to help get us there,” states Philippe Dunsky, President of Dunsky Energy Consulting.

The automotive sector is one of the largest manufacturing segments in Canada, including light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicles, as well as auto part manufacturing. With the global trend toward electrification and smart mobility, there is a strong need to future-proof Canada’s automotive sector to ensure it retains its leadership during this critical transition.

“Canada is uniquely positioned to attract investments by leveraging its natural resources, clean energy, skilled workforce, manufacturing expertise, and world-class R&D,” closes James Meadowcroft, Research Director, The Transition Accelerator. “By working collaboratively, this group will be assessing what’s needed for Canada to show its leadership in the emerging global ZEV supply chain.”

For more information:
Electric Mobility Canada
Transition Accelerator

Funding for this initiative has been provided by the Ivey Foundation.

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