Our Approach

The Transition Accelerator (The Accelerator) exists to support Canada’s transition to a net zero future while solving societal challenges. Using our four-step methodology, The Accelerator works with innovative groups to create visions of what a socially and economically desirable net zero future will look like and build out transition pathways that will enable Canada to get there. The Accelerator’s role is that of an enabler, facilitator, and force multiplier that forms coalitions to take steps down these pathways and get change moving on the ground.
Our four-step approach is to understand, codevelop, analyze and advance credible and compelling transition pathways capable of achieving societal and economic objectives, including driving the country towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
Transition Accelerators approach- an infographic showing 4 steps - understand, codevelop, analyze and advance

Key characteristics of this approach include an emphasis on:

  • Moving from critical analysis to practical action
  • Combining imaginative thinking with an evidence-based analysis
  • Integrating quantitative and qualitative perspectives, including modeling and scenario development, back-casting, and visualization techniques
  • Analyzing social, economic, and policy dimensions of transformative pathways using existing technologies