Wednesday April 27, 2022

Net Zero Changes Everything

Webinar Summary

For 30 years, Canada has been taking incremental steps to reduce emissions with the assumption that our underlying systems of energy production, transportation and heating do not require a fundamental change, but simply to become more efficient. But with only 28 years left to meet our 2050 net zero goal and prevent the worst effects of climate change, we must develop stepwise pathways capable of eliminating emissions from all parts of the economy. In short, net zero changes everything.

Join The Transition Accelerator’s research directors, Dr. Normand Mousseau and Dr. James Meadowcroft for this engaging one-hour webinar on why net zero changes everything and how to avoid dead-end pathways that won’t get us to our net zero goal. Attendees will gain insight into what our net zero world and energy system will look like and how to get there, and what government, investors and industry must do to get Canada’s net zero transition right.


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