White Paper: Taking a Strategic Approach to Industrial Transition

This white paper was written for Canada’s Net-Zero Industrial Strategy Summit, October 27, 2022, with the support of Smart Prosperity Institute, The Natural Step, The Transition Accelerator, and Ivey Foundation.

The rise of green industrial policies across the world has made it imperative that Canada also develop its own low-carbon industrial strategy. Our major trading partners and competitors are moving fast and the global value chains of the 21st century are forming rapidly. Canada must act now, or risk being left behind.

Canada needs a strategic approach to building the industries that will create value in the Canadian economy throughout the energy transition and beyond. Done well, a modern industrial policy can build a coalition to drive deep decarbonization while reducing the costs of new technologies and building geopolitically resilient supply chains.

This white paper lays out a vision for a Canadian net-zero industrial strategy rooted in the principles of effective modern industrial policy.

About the Authors

Cite as: Allan, B., Eaton, D., and Meadowcroft, J. (2022). Taking a Strategic Approach to Industrial Transition: A Vision for Canadian Net-Zero Industrial Strategy. Transition Accelerator, Smart Prosperity and The Natural Step.