The Rise Of The Automobile: Lessons From Historical Canadian Transportation Transitions

Volume 2, Issue 4
November, 2020
By David Layzell, James Meadowcroft, Cameron Roberts

This paper examines the experience of an earlier transition in land transport that saw the rapid adoption of the automobile. It focuses on three important questions:

  • Why did Canadian mobility change during the first half of the twentieth century?
  • How did cars emerge relatively quickly as the dominant mode of transportation?
  • What lessons can we learn from this history to inform future sustainability transitions?

About the Authors

Cite as: Roberts, C, Meadowcroft, J, Layzell, DB. 2020. The Rise of the Automobile: Lessons from Historical Canadian Transportation Transitions. Transition Accelerator Reports Vol. 2, Iss. 4, Pg. 1-35. ISSN 2562-6264.