The C-SAF Roadmap

Building a feedstocks-to-fuels SAF supply chain in Canada
June 2023
By Bentley Allan, Jonas Goldman, Geoff Tauvette

To meet Canada’s ambitious goal of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) comprising 10% of projected jet fuel use by 2030 and to realize the potential economic benefits, it is crucial to incentivize SAF production and prioritize sustainable feedstocks. With abundant, sustainable feedstock, existing refining capacity, and innovative technology providers, Canada has a unique opportunity to lead in the decarbonization of aviation by developing a robust SAF ecosystem.

The C-SAF Roadmap: Building a feedstocks-to-fuels SAF supply chain in Canada highlights the need for a comprehensive policy package, combining supply-side incentives and demand-side regulations, to kickstart the SAF market in Canada. By aligning federal and provincial measures, Canada can create a level playing field, compete with other global players, and capture the economic value-added of fuel production. Additionally, a flight plan outlines specific objectives and timelines, emphasizing the production of SAF volumes, feedstock activation, and driving innovation through demonstrations with homegrown technology. By realizing these objectives, Canada can establish a thriving SAF ecosystem that delivers long-term economic value, supports regional supply chains, and contributes significantly to global efforts in mitigating climate change.

About the Authors

Bentley Allan, PhD

Transition Pathway Principal

Bentley Allan, PhD, is a Transition Pathway Principal at the Transition Accelerator, as well as an Associate Professor of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Allan is an award-winning scholar who has written on the dynamics of international order, science and politics, climate policy, and the political economy of decarbonization. He provides regular advice to government and industry on geopolitics, industrial strategy, and policy.

He has co-lead the development of three sector strategies and roadmaps in collaboration with industry partners. He is the co-coordinator of the Centre for Net-Zero Industrial Policy which advances research and action to strengthen and mobilize Canada’s expertise in modern industrial policy, enabling strategic collaboration between government, industry, indigenous communities, labor, and financial institutions in pursuit of good jobs and a competitive economy.


Cite as: Allan B., Goldman J. and Tauvette G. (2023). The C-SAF Roadmap: Building a feedstocks-to-fuels SAF supply chain in Canada. The Canadian Council for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (C-SAF).