The Techno-Economics of Hydrogen Compression

Volume 1, Issue 1
October, 2021
By Mohd Adnan Khan, David Layzell, Catherine MacKinnon, Cameron Young

This technical brief supports the analysis stage (#3) in the Accelerator’s work to identify credible, compelling transition pathways to a vibrant hydrogen economy in Canada. It is intended to provide a tool that students, engineers, policy makers and entrepreneurs could use to assess the technical and economic feasibility of projects to produce, use and export low carbon hydrogen. The work also provides a technical reference to more cross-cutting Transition Accelerator Reports that will be published in the future and exploring regional or sectoral opportunities.

About the Authors

Cite as: Khan, M.A., Young, C., and MacKinnon, C. and Layzell, D. (2021). The Techno-Economics of Hydrogen Compression. Transition Accelerator Technical Briefs Vol. 1, Issue 1, Pg. 1-36. ISSN 2564-1379.