Hydrogen: An Overview – Eastern Canada

Volume 3, Issue 3
August 2021
By Dan Hoornweg, Ehsan Armouldi, Ofelia Jianu, Dick Kauling, David Wotten

SECTION 1 Thirty-six hydrogen-focused businesses identified through industry discussions, were surveyed for their perspectives on opportunities, challenges and progress in expanding the ‘hydrogen economy’. Fifteen of these companies provided detailed discussions on their current operations. SECTION 2 outlines active research programs in hydrogen production (25 research institutions), storage (16 institutions), and hydrogen utilization (13 institutions).

About the Authors

Dan Hoornweg, PhD

Dan is Associate Professor, Associate Dean and Richard Marceau Chair at Ontario Tech University. Following almost 20 years with the World Bank, including as Lead Advisor overseeing Sustainable Cities and Climate Change programs, Dan returned to Ontario in 2012. Dan has worked directly with more than 350 local governments, private companies and public agencies.

Dan’s academic background includes degrees in Earth Sciences (University of Waterloo), a Masters in Environmental Engineering (Guelph) and a PhD in Civil (Sustainability) Engineering (University of Toronto, 2015). Dan researches energy and material flows of cities and urban systems.

Dan was also the Chief Safety and Risk Officer for the Province of Ontario 2012-2020 (Technical Standards and Safety Authority, TSSA).


Cite as: Hoornweg, D., Wotten, D., Kauling, D., Jianu, O. and Armouldi, E. (2021). Hydrogen: An Overview – Eastern Canada. Transition Accelerator Reports. Vol.3, Issue 3, Pg. 1-120. ISSN 2562-6264.