Enabling Canada’s Future Electricity System

Pan-Canadian Summary of Fall 2023 – Winter 2024 Provincial Engagement Tables
April, 2024
By Electrifying Canada

The Transition Accelerator’s Electrifying Canada initiative brought together more than 120 diverse interested parties at eight regional sessions held across Canada in the fall and winter of 2023/24 for Chatham House Rule discussions on Enabling Canada’s Future Electricity System.

The objectives of these sessions were threefold:

  1. Identify and articulate priority barriers that must be addressed to enable a transition to an affordable, reliable, and significantly expanded net-zero electricity grid within the jurisdiction.
  2. Recognize and assess the progress that has been made where actions have been initiated to address these barriers.
  3. Identify where work on solutions has not yet begun or no progress has been made with respect to these barriers.


To guide these discussions, participants were initially presented with a preliminary list of high-level barriers, derived from earlier engagement sessions. Their task was to refine this list and clarify each barrier’s definition to reflect local contexts. Following this, participants evaluated these barriers using specific criteria to prioritize them and then engaged in identifying and debating potential solutions.

This report synthesizes the outcomes of these sessions, underscoring both shared themes and notable regional variances.

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