Pathways to Net Zero: A Decision Support Tool

Volume 3 – Issue 1
January 2021

By James Meadowcroft. With contributions from Katherine Monahan, Hossein Hosseini, Colleen Kaiser, Shabnam Khalaj, Nathan Lemphers, Sonia Patel, Derek Eaton and Cameron Roberts.

Getting to net zero requires major changes in the large-scale systems we use to meet societal needs, including the way we produce and distribute energy, move people and goods, produce and consume food, and build and live within our cities. This report is intended as a decision-support tool and reference document for those tasked with figuring out how to do this. It provides an assessment of different pathways to net zero for eight critical sectors and systems in Canada. The Transition Accelerator will be adding to this work over time, and will update the report periodically.

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Meadowcroft, J. and contributors. 2021. Pathways to net zero: A decision support tool. Transition Accelerator Reports Vol. 3, Iss. 1. Pg 1-108 ISSN 2562-6264.