Power (Electricity)


Provides lighting, heating, cooling, mobility and powers motors, other machinery and devices that underpin modern society; enables industrial processes

GHG emissions

9% of Canadian GHG emissions

Options for decarbonization

Replace fossil generation with non-emitting sources; deploy additional low carbon generation (centralized and distributed), and transmission and support technologies, to meet the increased role of electricity in providing energy services; manage demand to limit required generation capacity additions and energy requirements.

Stage of transition


Nature of the problem today

Some provinces still heavily dependent on fossil energy; ageing infrastructure; concerns over rising costs; tradition of provincial autarky

Other systemic issues

Energy reliability/security; electricity costs and efficiency losses; centralized versus distributed control

Opportunities and concerns

Reduction in air pollution; clean electricity exports; economic opportunities

Priorities for action

Phase out of coal; interprovincial transmission ties between carbon-intensive and clean provincial grids; support for renewables deployment; enhancement of grid infrastructure; measures to manage electricity demand

Longer-term issues

Increased electricity supply and storage capabilities to reliably electrify transportation, buildings, and industry; integrating a large proportion of intermittent/variable renewables (wind, solar) on electricity grids; where appropriate accommodating more distributed generation

Indicators of progress

Per cent electricity demand supplied by non emitting sources; proportion of energy enduse provided by electricity

Assessement table: Power (Electricity)

New generation

Hydro reservoir

Hydro run of the river


Utility scale solar PV

Small scale and residential PV

Building integrated PV

Biomass combustion


Nuclear conventional

Nuclear (SMRs)

Coal with CCS

Gas with CCS

Grid and system upgrades

Inter provincial interties

Canada / US interties

Grid improvement


Demand management

Energy efficiency