Pathways to net zero:

A decision support tool

For too long, discussion of climate policy has assumed we should move forward by doing a little of everything, and the time has come to identify priority elements that can accelerate real change. The Pathways to Net Zero Decision Support Tool was created to help those concerned with policy and investment decisions related to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions in Canada by 2050, along with other societal objectives.

Getting to net zero will require major changes, including to the ways we produce and distribute energy, move people and goods, and build our cities. Rather than focusing narrowly on emissions reductions, this tool examines opportunities to transform the large-scale societal systems that give rise to these emissions. It provides a high-level analysis of potential transition pathways required to transform different sectors and link today’s world with our desired net zero future. The sector pages below offer an overview of possibilities for change that are important for Canada’s journey to a net zero society.