Sosthene Ung, Ph.D.

Sosthène Ung, Ph.D.

Communications Specialist


Sosthène is a communications specialist originally from Angers, France. Holding an M.Sc. in organic chemistry and a degree in chemical engineering from Montpellier, he also graduated from McGill University in 2022 with a Ph.D. in green chemistry. His research focused on designing more sustainable reactions for the phosphorus industry. He also worked as a scientist intern in both academia and the industry in Taipei and Shanghai before taking a gap year at Fudan University to study Mandarin.

Passionate about tutoring and sharing knowledge with different audiences, Sosthène has served as a national coordinator and scientific communicator for Pint of Science Canada in 2020-21. In addition, he enjoys pursuing various hobbies in his free time, including painting, singing, running, and learning new languages.