Hamid Rahmanifard

Energy Systems Analyst


Hamid Rahmanifard is a chemical engineer focusing on renewable energy, artificial intelligence, CO2 capture and sequestration, engineering economics and risk analysis. He has ten years of experience in the energy industry, working mainly in research and development. His passion for energy has led him to participate in various projects dealing with energy industry decarbonization and assessing different pathways to Canada’s net-zero future. In his previous role, he was mainly responsible for processing and analyzing large data and developing predictive models related to oil and gas production, renewable energy, storage technologies, and economic assessment.

Creativity and perseverance have been the driving force in his development to learn new things. He enjoys the work that pushes him to think outside the box and allows him to work with other people to come up with new solutions. Hamid has authored and co-authored several papers and received prestigious recognition from academia and industry through various awards.