Alexandra Gellé, Ph.D

Director of Knowledge Mobilization


Interested for years in how science is communicated and shared with the public, Dr. Alexandra Gellé has led and created several organizations to build bridges between scientists and society. During her Ph.D. in Green Chemistry and Nanosciences at McGill University, she began to question the role of research and researchers in the public space, as well as the relationship between science and society. Alexandra also developed a passion for knowledge mobilization and enjoyed sharing sustainability-related science with various audiences. 

As the Transition Accelerator’s Director of Knowledge Mobilization, Alexandra supports efforts to promote evidence-informed decision-making and to advance Canada’s net-zero agenda. Prior to joining the Transition Accelerator, Alexandra worked with a renewable energy research center and Quebec’s energy transition network to support their knowledge transfer efforts. She was also hired by several museums and organizations to develop accessible content to promote science and research, as well as to train other scientists in science communication.