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An energy transition is underway, spurring dramatic shifts in how the world produces and consumes energy. Advancing a hydrogen energy system may play a large role in this transition for Canada.

Hydrogen offers an emissions free, economically friendly fuel to move heavy freight (e.g., transport trucks, trains, ships, airplanes, etc.). It has promise as an energy storage mechanism to support renewable energy from wind and solar. And, it can also be a solution for net-zero heating in our homes and businesses by displacing natural gas.

Canada can make hydrogen cheaper than almost anywhere else in the world, including from natural gas, presenting a remarkable export opportunity. Making emissions free hydrogen fuel out of natural gas is a rare scenario where the economic and environmental interests of Western Canada align with the rest of the country, with compelling national unity implications. It leverages existing experience and technologies commonly used in the oil and gas sector presenting an enormous opportunity for Canada to be a global hub for low-cost production of hydrogen.

But challenges exist. There is no hydrogen-as-a-zero-emission fuel economy in Canada because there is no distribution system because there is no sustained demand at scale for hydrogen as a fuel. This is a challenge The Transition Accelerator can help solve.