Director of Knowledge Mobilization – The Transition Accelerator


The Transition Accelerator (The Accelerator) is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to creating positive, transformational system changes while moving Canada down viable pathways to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To achieve this, the Accelerator harnesses existing economic, social, and technological disruptions already affecting multiple industry sectors and regions. Using momentum underway in these sectors, it acts as a catalyst and convenes innovators, progressive industry, researchers, and key stakeholders into collaborative teams that advance Canada down credible and compelling pathways to a stronger future.  The Accelerator’s four-step ‘transition pathways’ methodology provides the intellectual foundation for our work and was developed with input from experts and practitioners across Canada and from around the globe.

The Accelerator works in two ways to build out credible, capable, and compelling pathways to realize transformative change in key sectors and regions.

First, we mobilize knowledge, develop tools and build collaborative relationships with government and other stakeholders to enhance understanding of a pathways approach, allowing these groups to make better decisions about the transition to net zero, and helping them apply the methodology and tools in their own sectoral or regional contexts.

Second, we directly initiate pathway projects in strategically significant systems/ sectors. The Accelerator engages with innovators, progressive industry, and other stakeholders, to apply our 4-stage methodology to develop and advance net zero pathways. 

By combing both approaches we can focus our core efforts, gain experience in pathway development across a range of contexts, while accelerating diffusion and scale up of the overall effort.

The Job – Director of Knowledge Mobilization

The Accelerator is seeking an energetic self-starter to design and lead its knowledge mobilization efforts.  As Director of Knowledge Mobilization, this person will lead the building out of a future-focused learning and extension program which is designed to transform the way decision-makers (in government, business, civil society and media) understand the journey towards net zero, enabling them to internalize key elements of a transition pathways approach and so improve the quality of public decision-making in Canada. Key elements of this program will include the application of systems thinking, linking of progress on climate to dealing with other social problems and disruptive trends, adopting sectoral and regional approaches, defining critical priorities, focusing attention on accelerating change, and engaging with ‘low carbon industrial policy’. The ideal candidate will be familiar with transition theory and its application to climate and energy issues and have experience with the design and running of professional development programs.

Specifically, the Director of Knowledge Mobilization will work the Accelerator’s Research Directors and partners to:

  • Prepare education modules dealing with energy systems analysis, transitions, the Accelerator methodology, and sector and regional pathways to net zero. Multiple audiences will be explored including programs intended for public officials, participants from industry and civil society, graduate students, etc. The modules intend to harvest knowledge already accumulated by the Transition Accelerator Research Directors. Multiple course formats will be examined, including on-line and in-person models.
  • Organize regular webinars on different dimensions of Canada’s net zero transition.
  • Develop a more systematic outreach to researchers and academics across Canada to involve them more closely in the building out of transition pathways.

Key Competencies

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Strong listening, communications and convening skills.
  • Solid writing skills.
  • Business-level fluency in both official languages.
  • A demonstrated understanding of, and a passion for, the challenges and opportunities with transitioning to a net zero economy in Canada including social, equity and just transition considerations.
  • An understanding of how to design and deliver audience specific professional development and outreach curriculum on issues related to the energy, climate change or related issues.
  • An outward and customer/member service orientation.
  • Comfort working independently with limited support.


We are seeking a candidate with:

  • A track record of building and running successful professional development and/or outreach initiatives.
  • Ideally 5+ years of experience
  • A graduate degree in a related field – e.g. political science or energy/climate change.


Candidates for this position must reflect the values of The Transition Accelerator. These values include:

  • Embracing a positive, forward-thinking attitude in an often unstructured environment with multiple unknown variables
  • Working collaboratively with diverse, and sometimes opposed views
  • Grounding all work in evidence-based analyses
  • Embracing a multi-disciplinary and pluralistic approach
  • Focusing on innovation over the status-quo
  • A can-do attitude with a commitment to help drive change


This is a fully remote position from anywhere in Canada. Work will be conducted in a virtual environment.


Applicants interested in this position are invited to forward their resume and short cover letter to

The Transition Accelerator is an equal opportunity employer.