Director of Knowledge Mobilization – The Transition Accelerator

Title: Director of Knowledge Mobilization, The Transition Accelerator

Duration: Full time, 1 year contract to start

Location: Fully remote — anywhere in Canada

Compensation: To be negotiated

Organizational overview

The Transition Accelerator (the Accelerator) is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to creating positive, transformational system changes while moving Canada down viable pathways to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To achieve this, the Accelerator harnesses existing economic, social, and technological disruptions already affecting multiple industry sectors and regions. Using momentum underway in these sectors, it acts as a catalyst and convenes innovators, progressive industry, researchers, and key stakeholders into collaborative teams that advance Canada down credible and compelling pathways to a stronger future.  The Accelerator’s four-step ‘transition pathways’ methodology provides the intellectual foundation for our work and was developed with input from experts and practitioners across Canada and from around the globe.

The Accelerator works in two ways to build out credible, capable, and compelling pathways to realize transformative change in key sectors and regions.

First, we mobilize knowledge, develop tools and build collaborative relationships with government and other stakeholders to enhance understanding of a pathways approach, allowing these groups to make better decisions about the transition to net zero, and helping them apply the methodology and tools in their own sectoral or regional contexts.

Second, we directly initiate pathway projects in strategically significant systems and sectors. The Accelerator engages with innovators, progressive industry, and other stakeholders, to apply our 4-stage methodology to develop and advance net zero pathways. 

By combining both approaches we can focus our core efforts and gain experience in pathway development across a range of contexts, while accelerating diffusion and scaling up of the overall effort.


Candidates for this position must reflect the values of The Accelerator. These values include:

  • Embracing a positive, forward-thinking attitude in an often-unstructured environment with multiple unknown variables
  • Working collaboratively with diverse, and sometimes opposed views
  • Grounding all work in evidence-based analyses
  • Embracing a multi-disciplinary and system-level approach
  • Focusing on innovation over the status-quo
  • A commitment to help drive change

About the position

The Transition Accelerator is seeking a motivated, strategic leader who wants to advance the net zero agenda in a grounded and practical way. The successful candidate will lead the development and execution of a strategy to ensure key decision makers in industry, government and elsewhere understand the latest net zero transition theory, and are positioned to practically apply it and make immediate impacts in their organizations.

This is a full-time role, with duties that will evolve as the Director develops the knowledge mobilization strategy. Strong writing, research, communication, and organizational skills are important, along with a passion to advance Canada’s transition to a sustainable economy. The job location is flexible, with preference given to candidates based in Ontario.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Develop and execute a strategy to provide government, industry, and other key decision makers with the knowledge and tools to lead the net zero transition
  • Work with Accelerator research directors and staff to build transition pathways and develop educational activities around net zero
  • Identify and build relationships with organizational partners to amplify the Accelerator’s knowledge-sharing goals
  • Supervise the Accelerator’s Course Coordinator in carrying out the Accelerator’s educational programming
  • Develop programming and networking opportunities to build a community around the Accelerator’s theory of transition

Experience, Qualifications and Personal Traits

  • An understanding of, and a passion for, the challenges and opportunities with transitioning to a net zero economy in Canada, including social, equity and just transition considerations
  • A degree (and potentially a graduate degree) related to energy, climate, and environment
  • Demonstrated experience with strategic problem-solving and innovating solutions to new challenges
  • Strong listening and communication skills
  • Solid research and writing abilities
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Business-level fluency in both official languages


The Transition Accelerator is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants interested in this position are invited to forward their resume and a short cover letter to The competition will remain open until the position is filled. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted. The position has a compensation package benchmarked to sector standards. Come join our team!