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september 15, 2020

ARC Energy Ideas Podcast

A recently published Transition Accelerator report suggests that hydrogen could represent a $C 100 billion per year economic opportunity for Canada. This week our guests are Dan Wicklum, President and CEO of the Transition Accelerator and David Layzell, Research Director at the Transition Accelerator.

september 9, 2020

Corporate Knights – Max Fawcett

“I think we’re just in the first few months of a fundamental retooling of energy systems that could very well dominate for generations to come,” says Dan Wicklum, CEO of The Transition Accelerator, a pan-Canadian non-profit dedicated to maximizing Canadian opportunities in the ongoing energy transition.

august 18, 2020

National Observer – David McKie

“People balk at big, public infrastructure spending, but my gosh, take a look at the history of this country,” says Dan Wicklum. “Pipelines and rural roads and highways. There’s always big public investment. That is something that other countries are doing and Canada needs to do as well.”

july 22, 2020

Research Money – Mark Mann

As R$ correspondent Mark Lowey has reported, momentum is growing rapidly to build a clean hydrogen economy in Canada, providing a “transition pathway” for the fossil fuel industry to start producing “blue hydrogen” by upgrading natural gas, while capturing and storing the carbon.

july 15, 2020

Edmonton Journal – David Staples

“This is California saying they are exterminating internal combustion engines for trucks before 2050,” says Dan Wicklum, CEO of the Transition Accelerator, a new non-profit group pushing technological transformation and greenhouse gas reduction in Canada.

june 19, 2020

The Globe and Mail – Adam Radwanski

In an interview, Dan Wicklum – who heads the Transition Accelerator, a new non-profit leading the Canadian hydrogen push – said he expects the strategy that Ottawa is promising this summer will “set a context” rather than commit funding. But he argued for the public money to start flowing very shortly thereafter, ideally through the establishment of a new independent entity.

Publié le 9 Juin, 2020

Radio-Canada – Tiphanie Roquette

« Tout comme le diésel a dominé les générations passées, l’hydrogène pourrait très bien être la source principale d’énergie des générations futures, » rêve Dan Wicklum, qui est le PDG de l’Accélérateur de transition, l’organisme qui chapeaute le groupe de travail.

may 14, 2020

The Transition Accelerator

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Hydrogen Task Force, an independent working group created to develop a framework to implement a hydrogen economy in the region, was officially launched today.

may 19, 2020

The Globe and Mail – Adam Radwanski

Transition Accelerator CEO Dan Wicklum says that if governments invest in hydrogen infrastructure in the region, such as fuelling stations, it could help establish enough demand to encourage nationwide scale-up and exports.

may 14, 2020

Corporate Knights – David Layzell and Dan Wicklum

Picture a Canada where hydrogen is the focus of a pan-Canadian strategy that would have all provinces working together for a net-zero emission energy future that revitalizes our economy and again positions Canada as an energy superpower.